Game Of Thrones Episodes 1-3, Season 3

Game of Thrones Episode 1, Season 3

Valar Dohaeris, Aired: March 31, 2013

Directed by: Daniel Minahan

Aggregate Rating: 8.8/10, 16,700 reviews

In Games of Thrones Episode 1 Season 3, Samwell approaches a kneeling man of Watch and realizes that man has been decapitated.

Meanwhile, a wight tries to attack Sam, but Ghost, Mormont, and remaining brother arrive to set it on fire.

Jon Snow enters Mance Rayder's camp, wondering at the number of refugees and their strangeness. He mistakes Tormund Gianstbane as the King Beyond and kneels before him, unaware of the fact that Mance is the unassuming one. Mance interrogates Jon for abandoning the Watch, but Jon says Mormont betrayed Watch.

In King's Landing, Tyrion tries to adjust to the circumstances, and Cersei demands on what business he intends to discuss with their father.

Bronn exchanges some words with Meryn, and after Cersei leaves, Bronn informs Tyrion that he is increasing his prices.

Sansa Stark and Shae watch ships, but as Ros and Lord Petyr Baelish approach, Ros talks to Shae while Littlefinger has a word with Sansa.

At Dragonstone, Davos declares Melisandre as his enemy. "You convinced your king to leave me behind," she reminds him. She also tries to attack Melisandre but is held and imprisoned by Stannis.

The army of Robb Stark marches to Harrenhal and finds out that the castle is already filled with corpses. Talisa tries to chide him, but Robb's only concern is his men. Meanwhile, Daenerys feeds her dragons and Jorah tells her that she won't have a true Khalasar until she proves her strength.

Tywin and Tyrion have a face-off, and Tyrion points that Tywin never visited after he fell in the battle.

King Joffrey is traveling with Lady Margaery and is frightened as his litter stops in Flea Bottom. From his compartment, he watches Margaery distributing toys and bread to the kids in the orphanage.

In Game of Thrones, Tyrell and Margaery join Cersei and Joffrey for dinner and Cersei asks her about the impromptu stop in Flea Bottom.

In Astapor, Dany takes stock of the unsullied and learns that only one in four boys survive the rigors. She debates the value of unsullied with Jorah as she worries about the fact of being a slave owner.

Later on, as they walk, Daenerys realizes that warlocks of Qarth are after her.

Game of Thrones Episode 2, Season 3

Dark Wings, Dark Words, Aired: April 7, 2013

Directed by: Daniel Minahan

Aggregate Rating: 8.6/10, 14,800 reviews

In Games of Thrones Episode 2 Season 3, Brann Stark wakes up dreaming of the archery lessons and has a vision of a boy who tells him, "The Raven is you."

Bolton arrives with bad news that Lord Hoster Tully has died. Robb tries to remain optimistic but Brann and Rickon were still not found, and Greyjoy was also missing.

Meanwhile, Greyjoy is bound to an X-shaped cross and explains to his captors that he took Winterfell to bring glory to his father. After his captors leave, a boy comes mopping the floor and informs Theon that he has been sending to her sister Yara.

Brienne of Tarth guards Jaime south off the main road, and Jaime does his best to provoke her.

Cersei accompanies Joffrey as he is fitted for new suits, but he clearly tells her that he doesn't need to listen to her. Sansa insists Shae that Littlefinger is not interested in her and Lora tells Sansa to meet his sister and his grandmother, Olenna Tyrell.

Sansa expresses her condolences to Lady Tyrell about Renly's death, but Olenna only spoke few words about Margaery's deceased husband.

On the road to Riverrun, Lord Karstark tells Robb that he no longer has faith in him. Mance Raydar tells Jon that different clans have joined him while Jon witnesses Orell control his eagle and also, learns about warging.

Meanwhile, in Game of Thrones, Bran wakes up from a dream to find Summer and Osha on edge. And, in the Riverlands, Gendy questions Arya for H'ghar's kills. Bran also learns about warging, mentions about the three-eyed raven to which Jojen says that they have seen it together.

Arya shows Thoros how they escaped from Harrenhal; Anguy delivers the Hound, but as Arya walks past them, Hound calls her "the Stark Bitch."

While Jaime and Brienne are crossing the bridge; they square off, and Jaime is quite impressed by Brienne's skills. Their fight gets interrupted by a group of riders, but Jaime somehow tries to buy his way.

Game of Thrones Episode 3, Season 3

Walk of Punishment, Aired: April 14, 2013

Directed by: David Benioff

Aggregate Rating: 8.9/10, 15,000 reviews

In Games of Thrones Episode 3 Season 3, Robb Stark along with his mother and wife attends the funeral of his grandfather, Lord Hoster Tully. Edmure tries to light his father's funeral but fails after three attempts. After the ceremony, Edmure attacks a mill near Gregor Clegane and defends Robb's decision.

Brienne rides with Jaime in the custody of Locke's men.

Meanwhile, in Game of Thrones, Hot Pie tells Gendry and Arya that an in-keeper has made his arrangement for Thoros to keep him for his baking skills.

Jon snow along with his wildings arrives at the first of first men but only find the horse corpses there. Mance instruct them to climb the wall and hide around Castle Black as they can attack when they get his signal.

In Astapor, Dany surveys the Walk of Punishment. She also tells Kraznys that she wants to purchase 8,000 of his unsullied and upsets Mormont and Barristan by negotiating the price of one dragon.

Tyrion takes possession of the royal ledgers from Littlefinger, and Littlefinger thanks Tyrion for securing Ross's release.

The boy who was mopping the floor puts Theon on the horse and tells him to head towards East. Theon starts riding but is overtaken by the soldiers who surround him and then torture him.

While Brienne and Jaime are riding; Locke's men stop and take Brienne aside. Jaime tells Locke that Brienne's father will pay her weight in Sapphires if she is returned.

Locke lets Brienne go and Jaime also him to be unchained. He unchains and allows her to join them for dinner. Jaime feels increasingly confident, and instead of carving up a bird, Locke takes off his hand.