Game Of Thrones Episodes 9-10, Season 2

Game of Thrones Episode 9, Season 2

Blackwater, Aired: May 27, 2012

Directed by: Neil Marshall

Aggregate Rating: 9.7/10, 27,000 reviews

In this Game of Thrones episode, Stannis Baratheon's ships attack King's Landing. Tyrion Lannister knows that the Lannisters have a very slim chance of surviving the attack. Soon after, Tyrion is alarmed by the sound of the bells. At the same time, Varys shows up and provides him the map of the secret tunnel underneath the city. Varys is concerned that Tyrion is the only their last hope at surviving the siege and warns him that Stannis has planned a naval attack with the aim of landing the troops at King's Landing. Tyrion assures Varys, being a captain of a ship he will not run and will win.

Joffrey scolds Tyrion for the strategies on the battlements but Tyrion has already anticipated a strategy. Tyrion doesn't field his ships, instead, sends a single ship loaded with wildfire into the heart of Stannis's fleet. When Stannis' marine vessels come into the sight, Tyrion prepares his archers but doesn't give any order to Bronn for firing - who is waiting for Tyrion's signal outside the city on the seashore of the bay. The moment Tyrion throws a torch from the battlements, Bronn fires a burning arrow that demolishes Stannis's navy and destroys the ship of his great captain, Davos Seaworth and kills Davos's son, Matthos.

Stannis orders his soldiers to storm the beach, no matter what it costs. He led the attack personally and was the first to reach to the walls. Tyrion commanded Sandor Clegane to lead a maneuver beyond the Mud Gate to fend off the attackers. Lancel Lannister convoys Sandor Clegane, but gets wounded by an arrow. To save Hound's life, Bronn joins the battle in time.

Cersei Lannister - The Queen Regent offers protection to the ladies of Maegor's Holdfast. Earlier, she had obtained an Essence of Nightshade from Grand Maester Pycelle and kept the Ser Ilyn at her side. She tells Sansa, Ser Ilyn is there to protect all the ladies. Cersei drinks heavily during the attack and torments Sansa Stark that if the city falls, all the woman's will be in a bit of rape, including Sansa.

Shae comes with news that Stannis soldiers are mauling the Mud Gate, Cersei orders Lancel to bring back Joffrey to his quarters. Lancel arrives at the battle and tells the king that Queen wants him to the Red Keep. Tyrion pleads and says Joffrey that he should lead his men, but Joffrey chooses to follow his mother's instructions.

Tyrion picks up the mantle, without Joffrey and the Hound, and promises he has a way around Stannis' military. Lancel comes to Cersei to warn that they won't be able to defeat unless Joffrey returns. Cersei prods his wound, and Lancel growls upset, but Sansa calms them by singing a hymn.

Shae tells Sansa to get back to the room and keep the door locked so that Stannis won't hurt her. In her room, Sansa was shocked to see Hound who tells her that he is leaving and offers her to return to Winterfell.

The forces of Tywin Lannister along with their new allies House Tyrell join the battle. Stannis's army is decimated by a cavalry charge led by a warrior dressed in Renly Baratheon's armor. Tyrion successfully leads the Lannister armed forces through the tunnels. Later, Tywin bursts into the Throne room announcing their victory, just in time before Cersei was about to kill Tommen.

Game of Thrones Episode 10, Season 2

Valar Morghulis, Aired: June 3, 2012

Directed by: Alan Taylor

Aggregate Rating: 9.4/10, 19,000 reviews

When Tyrion Lannister wakes up after winning the Blackwater battle, Grand Maester Pyscelle tells him that he has lost all of his powers. He is informed that he is no longer a Hand of The King as his father Tywin Lannister has returned to the city and will take over his duties.

Varys visits and thanks Tyrion for defending the city. In the throne room, Joffrey rewards the heroes of Blackwater battle. Loras Tyrell asks Joffrey to marry his sister Margaery but then he declines the offer as he is already betrothed to Sansa Stark. But, Queen Cersei Lannister and Pycelle convince Joffrey to set aside his betrothal to Sansa considering the treachery by House Stark.

Finally, Joffrey agrees to marry Margaery.

Following the defeat at the Blackwater, Stannis Baratheon returns to Dragonstone, furious at Melisandre for not anticipating his defeat.

Meanwhile, in the Westerlands, Robb confesses that he is in love with Talisa to his mother Lady Catelyn. Catelyn advises him to remember the vow he made to marry a daughter of House Frey or face rigorous results. But, Robb ignores her advice and weds Talisa that night in a secret ceremony.

Theon Greyjoy in Winterfell is surrounded by a northern army that was under the command of Roose Bolton's bastard son. Theon was told by Maester Luwin that the chances of holding castle are negligible with only twenty men. Later on, Osha, Rickon, Hodor, and Bran come out from hiding in Winterfell's tomb and find the castle burning.

Beyond the wall, Jon Snow and Qhorin Halfhand march as captives of the Lord of Bones towards the camp of the King-Beyond-The-Wall. Qhorin is convinced that he will have to sacrifice himself to facilitate the trick of Jon deserting the wildlings. He acquires sword from one of his captors and attacks Jon with the intention of killing him for treachery. Lord of Bones allows the duo to fight and Ygritte gives Jon his sword back to fight. After killing Qhorin, the wildlings are assured that Jon has given up his oath and hence Jon is cut free.

Sam, Edd, and Grenn are looking for fuel at the First of the First Men and hear the warning call for White Walkers. The three run back, but Sam is left behind and to defend himself he hides behind a rock and sees dozens of White Walkers walk past him. Sam cringes in fear, but the White Walkers ignore him.

Gendry, Arya, and Hot Pie cross paths with Jaqen H'ghar who offers Arya to come to Braavos with him to learn the skills of killing. Arya rejects and says she wants to bring back her family together. Jaqen leaves Arya with an iron coin and the words "Valar Morghulis" telling her to use it whenever she needs to find him again.

In Qarth, when Daenerys Targaryen reaches the House of the Undying, she is separated from Jorah and Kovarro. She finds herself in a circular room with many doors. She opens one and finds herself surrounded by tempting visions of the Iron Throne and later Drogo with her infant son Rhaego. She returns to the room with many doors and finds her dragons chained to pedestal. Pyat Pree chains Daenerys as well with his magic. The young queen calmly completes a word "Dracarys" and all the three dragons unleash fire, turning Pyat Pree to ashes.