Game Of Thrones Episodes 9-10, Season 1

Game Of Thrones Episode 9, Season 1

Baelor, Aired: June 12, 2011

Directed by: Alan Taylor

Aggregate Rating: 9.6/10, 23,000 reviews

In the second last episode of Game of Throne season 1, Lord Ned Stark awaits the judgment as an accused traitor in the darkness of the black cell of the Red Keep. Lord Varys visits Ned and informs him about the Robb leading an army from the North. Varys urges Ned to admit being and traitor and prevent the war Robb is about to wage against the Lannisters. In return, Cersei will allow him to join his younger brother Benjen and Jon Snow at the wall. Ned puts his honor first and refuses to confess to the crimes he didn't commit.

Later, Eddard Stark is brought before the Great Sept of Baelor, where a huge crowd has gathered to witness the judgment. He sees Arya on the statue and later passes by Yoren from the night watch. In order to protect his little girl, Eddard shouts Baelor. Yoren understands his signal and moves to the statue where Arya is standing.

When the trial starts, Eddard is given a choice to confess his crimes and join the nights watch. Looking at his girls, both of whom are present there, Eddard decides to make a false confession and please Joffrey by accepting him as the true king. Joffrey instead of being merciful commands Ilyn Payne to bring him Ned Starks head, leading to Eddards' beheading.

Robb's army reached the Twins, the heavily fortified crossing over Trident River, which they must cross to break the Lannisters' grip on Riverlands. Robb requires the cooperation of Lord Walder Frey who controls the lone crossing. Since House Frey is bannermen to Catelyn Starks's father, she hopes that Lord Walder will respect the oath and will show his loyalties. Walder's only real interest vested in his own house, he asks Arya and Robb to marry a Frey as a price for helping the Starks.

At the Wall, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont gives his Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw to Jon Snow as a thank you gesture for saving his life. Later, Jon receives the news of Robb leading an army north. He then begins to ponder whether he should be with his brother but is reminded of his duties Master Aemon who actually is Aemon Targaryen.

Meanwhile, far to the east at Lhazar Khal Drogo is badly wounded and falls off his horse, which is considered a sign of weakness among the Dothraki. Daenerys asks the Khalasar to stop and calls upon Mirri Maz Duur to help Drogo. Daenerys also requests Ser Jorah Mormont to armor himself, who in return asks Daenerys to leave considering Khal Drogo is about to die. When Drogo dies, the Dothraki are bound to fight each other for being his successor and whosoever succeeds will first kill Drogo's son. Daenerys refuses to abandon Khal Drogo and asks Mirri Maz Duur to help Drogo. Mirri promises to help Drogo but needs to sacrifice a life in return. Drogo's horse is brought to the tent where he is sacrificed. The sacrifice angers Drogo's warrior and one of them, Qothi, tries to attack Daenerys. Although Ser Jorah intervenes. She goes into labor, and none of Dothraki midwives come forward to her help.

Game Of Thrones Episode 10, Season 1

Fire And Blood, Aired: June 19, 2011

Directed by: Alan Taylor

Aggregate Rating: 9.5/10, 20,500 reviews

Game of Thrones season one reaches the finale, full of ever-thickening and intriguing plots. Arya is dragged away to an alley by Yoren who chops off her hair with a knife and asks her, "Do you want to live boy?"

At Winterfell Bran Stark and Rickon Stark have the same dream in which they meet their father at the castle's crypt. The boys visit the crypt and share their dream when Maester Luwin receives a scroll with the message of Eddard Stark's death. The news about Eddard also reaches Catelyn Stark and her son Robb Stark who are now worried about the girls Arya and Sansa still at the Kings Landing.

In the Red Keep, Joffrey listens as the bard Marillion is forced to sing a song about the royal family. Joffrey orders to cut off the singer's tongue and dismisses the court. Joffrey later leads Sansa Stark to the castle's ramparts. Eddard's head is displayed on a spear to which Sansa revolts at first out of fear, which is eventually replaced with quiet, seething anger. Joffrey also promises to deliver Robb's head to her next.

In the north, as bannermen debate whether to align with Renly Baratheon or Stannis Baratheon in the war against Joffrey, most men pledge fealty to Robb and proclaim him to be "the king in the North." Catelyn later visits the captive Jaime Lannister, who taunts about Eddard's unfortunate death and also offers to serve her as a lover. As the two argue over justice and injustice, Jaime admits to pushing Bran from the tower but didn't reveal the reason behind his actions.

At the Lannister camp, Lord Tywin who is highly impressed with Tyrion's judgment of the present war-like situation is given the responsibility to be the acting "Hand of the King" in Tywin's stead. Tyrion is tasked with controlling Cersei and Joffrey so that he could prevent the young king from making more reckless mistakes.

Jon Snow also learns about his father's death at the wall and is fully prepared to join Robb's army in the war. Jon is persuaded by Samwell and a couple of other Rangers to stay back and fulfill his oath. He agrees to return to the Wall, and Lord Jeor Mormonth forgives his brief desertion. Mormont informs Jon that the war between the Lannisters and Starks holds no importance in front of what's lies ahead.

Meanwhile, in the wastelands beyond Lhazar Daenerys receives another terrible news about the death of her son Rhaego, Mormont informs Daenerys that the majority of Khalasar has moved ahead. However, Drogo is still alive. Daenerys finds her husband in a catatonic and seeing him in that miserable vegetative state breaks her heart.

Daenerys with the help of her small retinue prepares a funeral pyre for Khal Drogo. She tells those who are left that they are free to go if they wish, but also says that those who choose to stay will be headed into a glorious future. Daenerys then commands Rakharo to place the dragon eggs on the funeral pyre and tie Mirri Muz Duur to a stake next to the pyre. Daenerys calmly walks into the flames of the funeral pyre while Mirri screams as she burns. At dawn, when the fire dies down, Daenerys is found sitting on the ashes with three newly hatched baby dragon crawling over her. After she slowly stands up on of the hatchling rises on her shoulder and spreads its wings to announce the return of dragons to the real world.