Game Of Thrones Episodes 7-8, Season 1

Game Of Thrones Episode 7, Season 1

You Win, or You Die, Aired: May 29, 2011

Directed by: Daniel Minahan

Aggregate Rating: 9.3/10, 17,800 reviews

After some major points went down in "A Golden Crown," yet another fascinating episode greeted the visitors in season 1. The war between the Lannisters and Starks had reached the point of being inevitable, and therefore Tywin Lannister insists Jaime take charge of an army instead of being a glorified bodyguard and prepare for the battle.

At the King's Landing Ned has uncovered that Joffrey Baratheon is not the true son of King Robert, rather an incestuous offspring of Cersei and Jaime. Ned also discovered that Jaime and Cersei tried to kill Bran when he found their secret.

In no mood to bargain, Ned confronts Cersei who does not deny the charge, instead, compares her love for Jaime to the old Targaryen practice of marrying siblings. Ned warns Cersei to leave King's Landings with her children as he was going to tell Robert the truth about his children.

A little later Renly finds Ned and tells him that Robert has been mauled by a boar and may not survive. In his final hours, Robert instructs Ned to be the Lord Protector of the Realm until Joffrey comes of age and also tells him to pull back the assassins sent for Daenerys. It was too late to call back the assassins, but Ser Jorah saves Daenerys after recognizing the wine seller trying to get Daenerys taste poisoned wine.

On the other hand, in the North, Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly take the oath of fealty to the Night's Watch. Right after they take the oath in eaves of the Haunted Forest, Ghost finds a severed hand and brings it back to Jon and Sam.

Things quickly heat up at King's Landing. Littlefinger tries to convince Eddard for acknowledging Joffrey as the king and convert him into their puppet. He also suggests that if Joffrey proves to be headstrong, they can disclose the truth about his parentage and name Renly instead as he is more malleable.

Eddard, being the loyal and rightful person he is, turns down Littlefinger considering his advice to be an act of treason. Littlefinger knows that although Robert had named Lord Eddard the Regent and Protector of the Realm, he doesn't have the army to seize control from Cersei.

After King Robert dies, "King Joffrey" summons Eddard. Varys informs Eddard that Renly has fled the city with Ser Loras Tyrell and several retainers. Eddard enters the throne room where Joffrey is sitting on the Iron Throne. Joffrey demands an oath of fealty from the councilors and subjects when Eddard gives the proclamation naming himself the Lord Protector of the Realm to Ser Barristan's Selmy.

Cersei takes the letter and tears it up in pieces while demanding Eddard to bend the knee. He is told that he can safely return to Winterfell if he swears his allegiance to King Joffrey. Eddard refuses and commands Slynt to take the Queen and Joffrey into custody. To Eddard's shock, the City Watch kill his bodyguard and Littlefinger puts his knife to Eddard's throat.

Game Of Thrones Episode 8, Season 1

The Pointy End, Aired: June 5, 2011

Directed by: Daniel Minahan

Aggregate Rating: 9.0/10, 16,000 reviews

Things got direr than usual for Eddard in "You win, or you die". Everyone in King's Landing betrayed Eddard, branded him a traitor and imprisoned him. On the other hand, Lannisters purge the Stark household from Kings Landing. The Hound quickly captures Sansa. Arya who was practicing sword fighting is interrupted by Lannister guards who demand Arya to come with them. Arya knows her father would never send Lannister men and understanding the chaotic situation she flees.

Northwards at the wall, Jon and Sam return to Castle Black with two dead bodies which were later identified as the members of Benjen Stark's missing ranger party. The news of Eddard's arrest and imprisonment arrives at the castle, and Jon is summoned to Mormont's chamber regarding the same. After getting the news Jon who is left speechless tries to leave but is reminded of the oath to the Night's watch.

Later, Jon is confined to quarters for reacting to Alliser Throne's taunts calling him a traitor's bastard. At night, Jon is startled by Ghost's winning. Sensing the trouble, Jon heads to Lord Commander's chambers, where he finds the reanimated corpse of the dead Night's Watchman. Even after stabbing the wight with his sword, Jon finds him unharmed. Just then, Mormont appears who helps destroy the wight by burning him.

At King's Landing Sansa pleads the queen to release her father when Cersei asks her to write to her mother and brother in Winterfell urging them to bend the knee before King Joffrey. Sansa's letter arrives Winterfell, but Robb instantly recognizes Queen's manipulation in the letter. Robb decides that he'll appear before the Queen with his army and summons the Lords bannermen of the North to assemble at Winterfell with their armies.

Another raven carrying a similar message arrives at the Eyrie, were Catelyn Starks finds out about her husband's arrest. She asks her sister Lysa for help and gets incredibly furious on her refusal to help the Starks. Catelyn later intercepts Robb's army at the Neck as it marches Southwards.

Another intriguing plot is brewing up in Essos where Khal Drogo in an endeavor to fulfill his promise to conquer the Iron Throne has begun to raid villages for financing the war. The Dothraki raids villages and takes people to sell into slavery for money to hire ships that could be used to assault Westeros.

Daenerys is disturbed with the aftermath of the raid as she watches innocent villagers being killed and women raped. She orders to stop the same and claims all the women to protect them. While Drogo is amused at Daenerys's fencelessness and supports her, others taunt Khal Drogo of being a slave to a foreign whore.

Drogo kills the warrior who has been complaining about Daenerys and in the process takes a deep wound in the chest. Daenerys insists on getting it treated and allows one of the women she rescued to heal the wound. Drogo's blood riders call the women maegi (witch), but Daenerys avoids all the warnings.