Game Of Thrones Episodes 4-6, Season 1

Game of Thrones Episode 4, Season 1

Cripples Bastards and Broken Things, Aired: May 8, 2011

Directed by: Brian Kirk

Aggregate Rating: 8.8/10, 17,000 reviews

In the Game of Thrones Episodes Season 1, Lord Eddard Stark, who is now the new Hand of the King has begun investigating the death of Jon Arryn and the previous hands of the King. As Ned traipse around the King's Landing asking questions, Littlefinger was kind enough to warn Ned that everyone within the castle walls, whether he pushed brooms or clips hedges, is a spy. Littlefinger also left Ned some clued that lead him to find out about one of Robert's Bastards.

At the wall, Jon Snow is still training lowlife Rangers and finds them picking up on a new recruit. Samwell Taryl, who is a soft young man, was forced to choose between death and the night watch. Seeing him as a weakling, unsurprisingly the other recruits pick on him, but Jon Snow's intervention saves the day for Sam.

Meanwhile, in Game of Thrones, Tyrion also returns to the Winterfell to check up on Bran Stark. Bran Stark, who is now crippled is carried around by Hodor - a large and simple-minded stable boy. Knowing that Jaime Lannister is responsible for Bran's condition, Tyrion offers him a plan for a saddle that may enable him to ride again. Tyrion decides to leave for King's Landings as he was aware that he is not trusted or welcomed at Winterfell. On his way back, in a short meet at the Inn Tyrion is arrested by Catelyn on suspicion of attempting to murder Bran Stark.

While at the King's Landing Robert and his guests are celebrating a tournament in honor of Ned. At the tournament, Sansa who is dreaming of being the next queen is educated by Littlefinger about the history of some of Westeros brutal characters like Sandor Clegane, aka The Hound who was burned by his own brother Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain. Arya who is also in the King's Landing goes on to follow her dream to learn sword fighting and tells Ned that the future he envisions for her isn't the one she wants.

Daenerys Targaryen and Viserys Targaryen are traveling with the Dothraki horde into the city of Vaes Dothrak. The dragons of Game of Thrones are also introduced by Viserys who narrates his family history, and the importance of dragons to one of Daenerys's bedmaids in an intimate scene at a pleasure house's bath.

Game of Thrones Episode 5, Season 1

The Wolf and the Lion, Aired: May 15, 2011

Directed by: Brian Kirk

Aggregate Rating: 9.1/10, 17,000 reviews

Ratcheting up the intrigue in the fifth episode of Game of Thrones, we find the tournament resuming, and this time it is Ser Loras Tyrell a.k.a. Knight of Flowers against the Mountain. Sansa was clearly charmed by the dashing Ser Loras who very cleverly defeats the Mountain.

Robert and Ned disagree on Rob's plan to assassinate Daenerys Targaryen. On learning that Daenerys is pregnant with Drogo's child, King Robert orders a preemptive strike. Ned who isn't convinced with King's plans decides to step down as the Hand of the King and continue his investigations.

Speaking of Starks, Arya Stark stumbles upon an enormous dragon skull in the bowels of the castle. Arya hides as she notices some voices and ultimately overhears Varys telling Magister Illyrio how close Ned is to find the truth. Arya then wanders out of the dungeons and reaches the Red Keep. On finding Ned she tries to warn her father and tells him the entire conversation she heard in the dungeon.

Ned decided to leave Kings Landing but is interrupted by Littlefinger who wants to take him to the last person Jon Arryn spoke. Since Ned intends to solve the mystery of Jon Arryn's death so desperately, he accompanies Littlefinger to a brothel where he meets a whore who gave birth to another one of Robert's bastards.

Ned's exit from the brothel is cut off my Jaime who now knows that Catelyn has arrested Tyrion. As Jamie demands answers from Ned, he stabs him in the leg leaving him wounded. In the north, Lady Catelyn Stark along with Tyrion in her town is on her way to Eyrie to seek her sister, Lady Lysa Arryn's support. The group is attacked by the men of the hill tribes and the Sellsword Bronn dispatches the attackers. Once the party finally reached Eyrie, Lady Lysa orders Tyrion to be locked in the sky cell.

Game of Thrones Episode 6, Season 1

A Golden Crown, Aired: May 22, 2011

Directed by: Daniel Minahan

Aggregate Rating: 9.2/10, 17,000 reviews

Game of Thrones episodes Season 1, were all full of intrigue, drama, and suspense. In the sixth episode, King Robert reinstates Eddard as the Hand of the King and goes on a hunting trip commanding Ned to run the affairs. Some villagers from Riverrun in the King's Landing and tell Ned about the atrocities committed by raiders led by Gregor Clegane. Eddard decides to summon Tywin Lannister for a trial and sentences Gregor to death. Eddard also finds out that Robert is not Joffrey's biological father.

On the other side at Winterfell Bran Stark is surprised with the custom saddle designed by Tyrion and decides to go on a ride with his brothers. Bran breaks on his own in the forest and is attacked by wildlings headed south. But before the wildlings could cut Bran off his saddle, Rob comes to the rescue.

In the Vale, Tyrion who is still captured leverages his wits and demands a trial by combat. Lady Lysa accepts and chooses Ser Vardis for the combat. Tyrion, however, asks for a champion and the mercenary Bronn volunteers. Tyrion is released when Vardis is killed and thrown out the moon door by Bronn.

Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys is summoned by the crones who rule Dosh Khaleen. Daenerys is asked to eat a stallion heart so that the crones could read the omens and predict the gender of her unborn child. When Daenerys is successfully able to eat the raw stallion heart, the crones predict that their son would be the "Stallion that mounts the world." Witnessing the celebrations, Viserys becomes furious and attempts to kill Daenerys' unborn child. Khal Drogo gets tired of Viserys' whining, he ends his life by pouring a pot of molten gold on his head. The sixth episode of Game of Thrones comes to an end.